Sunday, 21 March 2010

Buddy: from study to canvas

I decided to give my new Cryla acrylics a try-out and thought I'd transfer my practice piece of Buddy onto a canvas.  This was the first stage - a sketch in 2B pencil on a canvas 40 x 50 cm.

I thought blue for the background as I could then use some greyish blues in his coat to bring the two together.  Next, I blocked-in some of the main colours, including some red on his ears, no doubt inherited from his Irish setter mum!

He's taking shape now; I've used a range of greys, browns and whites to give him the different contrasts he has in his, what looks like, predominantly black coat. It's amazing just how many colours a black dog can have in their coat.
Here he is finished for now.  I've left him on the easel, so might add a few hairs here and there.  This was taken in quite gloomy daylight so the colours don't look as rich as the ones above.  Overall, though, a good likeness of Buddy the 'Border Setter', as we like to call him.

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